Professionals Providing Day-to-Day Assistance for Dementia Patients

Suffering from dementia is incredibly tough for both the individual and their family, but you don’t have to struggle alone with the help of the professionals at Rainbow Care Solutions. Our care team has provided assistance across the UK since 2005, utilising the best practices and providing advice to ensure your loved one receives the care they deserve on a day-to-day basis.

Caring for someone

Our Care and Advice

Each carer provides sensitive and sympathetic services to every patient, with each vastly experienced in dementia to ensure your loved one receives all the care required.

Our care ranges from day-to-day assistance to completing specific activities, always ensuring that the patient enjoys each day with the desired care needed.

A Carer Playing a Jigsaw Puzzle with an Elderly Woman.

Dementia Pledge

Ourselves and our carers are subscribed to the Dementia pledge, this means we’re committed to demonstrating four principles in our care including:

Dementia Pledge

  • Know the Person Who Is Living with Dementia

  • Quality Care, Quality Life

  • Everybody has a Leadership Role

  • Value-Focused Care

Contact Rainbow Care Solutions to utilise our expert dementia care, our assistance is available across the UK.

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